Frequently asked Questions

Due to the current situation, our staff is actively working to recover refunds and to process cancellations for many of our groups. This involves consistent calls and long wait times. Before you call please review the following FAQ.

If your question is not listed below, please email us at and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We are following all Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines as instructed in the article here.

General Information

TMF's approach to the current situation.

Our staff at TMF has always made the safety of our travelers our number one priority. We are continuously monitoring the Coronavirus situation and are working closely with individuals and groups to make the best decisions for our travelers and their tours.

Currently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued restrictions against travel to China, South Korea, Iran and parts of Europe excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland. If your trip is traveling to these areas, we are working with directors and trip organizers to postpone, relocate and in some cases cancel some of our future trips.

For other trips including those traveling within the country, we are working directly to evaluate the areas closely for the upcoming trips. These options may include changing the location or rescheduling for a later date. If we are required to cancel your student trip, your director will receive updates as soon as we are notified of these.

Thank you for your patience through this process.


My trip was cancelled. Will I get a refund?

When TMF receives an official cancellation, we immediately notify our vendors and ask them to reconsider any and all non-refundable services in hopes that we can recover what we can and then refund each of our travelers. We take an oath to be transparent with our clients every step of the way and advocate on your behalf. TMF will provide full transparency with what we can successfully recover and what we are unable to recover. The refund process can take as many as four to six weeks after the coronavirus situation has been sorted and as we work with our vendors to receive and process the requests.

How long until I get my refund?

Due to the unforeseen events, we are currently working on cancellations and postponements for our trips. As we are not the only travel partners working with our vendors it's difficult to anticipate how long the refund process will take. We are estimating it to be between 4-6 weeks before we know the amounts that can be refunded. Considering it may take longer than expected to receive all the refunds, we are prioritizing the graduating senior class. You will receive email communication as we have updates for your specific group.